Spectrum Design/Build for the Barclay Group
Description: Three arch bridges (bridge #1: 70' span x 14' rise Rib-Arch, bridge #2: 57' span x 20' rise Rib-Arch, bridge #3: 75' span x 11' rise Rib-Arch).

Key project aspects: All three structures are founded on helical piles; forming system utilized innovative segmented reusable rolled I-beam ribs, head walls and wing walls constructed out of MSE retaining walls.

Project Owner: Barclay Creswin LP

La Cholla/River project for Pima County Department of Transportation

The project consists of improving the roadway to six travel lanes, paved shoulders for bicycles, sidewalks, curbs, and storm drains, intersection improvements at Curtis and at Ruthrauff, a new six-lane bridge over the Rillito River, a raised landscaped median, and public art.

Key project aspects: Dimension 318 was sub contracted by Eagle Rock Excavating to construct the bridge and other structural concrete items on this project.  Dimension 318 worked with the engineer, artist, form linner supplier, and concrete supplier to construct intricate agave concrete barrier with block outs.  To achieve the rebar, artistic, and workmanship quality requirements, Dimension 318 constructed water tight forms and poured the barrier with self compacting concrete. Everyone involved was ecstatic with to final result.  

Project Owner: Pima County Department of Transportation

Interstate 19 East Frontage Road: 

Canoa Ranch Drive to Continental Road

Description: No. 2 2011 Top 10 Roads awarded in Roads&Bridges.  Dimension 318 was sub contracted by Borderland Construction to construct 84,837 sf of architectural treated concrete retaining walls.

Project Owner:Pima County Department of Transportation  

Pima Canyon
Description: 10'x28'x32' arch bridge with no floor. Clear spanning over 404 wash. 

Key Project aspects:  30% savings for owner when compared to alternative structures.  No 404 permit needed.  Low enviromental impact during construction.   

Project Owner: Diamond Ventures 
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