Section 1: Safety Policy


A. Company Policy

 Dimension 318 L.L.C. is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees, sub-contractors, and customers.  The Company shall follow operating practices that will safeguard employees, the public and Company operations.  We believe all accidents are preventable.  Therefore, we will make every effort to prevent accidents and comply with all established safety and health laws and regulations.


All subcontractors will be given a copy of all Safety Rules when they arrive at the job site.  All subcontractor employees must review these rules before beginning work and must sign a statement indicating his/her understanding and acceptance of these rules.


All subcontractor employees will also be shown the location of all emergency equipment and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), telephones, and evacuation routes.  


B. Management Commitment to Safety

Management is concerned about employee safety.  Accidents, unsafe working conditions, and unsafe acts jeopardize both employees and Company resources.  Injuries and illnesses result in discomfort, inconvenience and possibly reduced income for the employee.  Costs to the Company include direct expenses (workers’ compensation premiums, damaged equipment or materials, and medical care) and indirect expenses (loss of production, reduced efficiency, employee morale problems, etc.).  These indirect costs are reported to cost 4-10 times more than the insured costs of an accident.  Accordingly, Management will provide sufficient staffing, funds, time, and equipment so that employees can work safely and efficiently.  


C.  Assignment of Responsibilities

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.   Everyone should have a safe attitude and practice safe behavior at all times.  To best administer and monitor our safety policies, the following responsibilities are delegated.  This list should not be construed as all-inclusive and is subject to change as needed. 

1.       Management  (will)

          a.  Provide sufficient staffing, funds, time, and equipment so that employees can 
safely and efficiently.

             b. Demand safe performance from each employee and express this demand  
              periodically and whenever the opportunity presents itself.
          c. Delegate the responsibility for a safe performance to the Safety Director, Supervisors,
              and Employees, as appropriate.
          d. Hold every employee accountable for safety and evaluate performance accordingly.
          e. Periodically review the Safety Program effectiveness and results.

 2.        Safety Director  (will)

            a.   Provide the resources, direction, and audits to integrate safety into the management
            b.  Perform all pre-project planning tasks at the start of all new projects or jobs.
            c.  Establish and maintain a safety education and training program.
            d.  Periodically conduct safety surveys, meetings, and inspections.
            e.  Advise supervisors and employees on safety policies and procedures.
                 Assure that all newly hired employees have been given a thorough orientation
                 concerning the Company’s Safety Program.
             f.   Coordinate with Human Resources pre-employment physicals and maintain the
                 company’s drug-testing program.
           g.   Prepare and maintain safety records, analysis, evaluations, and reports to improve the
                company’s safety performance and comply with all government agencies, insurance
                carriers, and internal procedures.
           h.  Work with management, supervisors and employees to maintain & implement new and
                ongoing safety programs and comply with recommendations provided by outside
                consultants, OSHA inspectors, and insurance companies.
           i.   Make available all necessary personal protective equipment, job safety material, and
                first-aid equipment.
           j.   Review all accidents with management, supervisors and/or employees and ensure that
                corrective action is taken immediately.
           k.  File all workers’ compensation claims immediately and work with the workers’
                compensation carrier to ensure proper medical treatment is provided to injured
                workers and they are returned to work as quickly as medically possible.


3.       Superintendent/Foreman

            a. Implement all rules and regulations outlined in this manual.
            b. Comply with all Contractor Safety Rules.
            c. Assure that each employee, agent, invitee, and subcontractor is trained and follows
                all applicable OSHA standards, codes, laws, and ordinances.
            d. Control contract personnel and vehicles, and provide orientation materials as needed.


4.       Supervisors

            Each employee who is in charge of a specific work area, supervises the work of others, 
  or to whom an employee is assigned for a specific task or project, is responsible and
  accountable for their safety. 
  Supervisors will:

            a.   Establish and maintain safe working conditions, practices, and processes through:

  • Pre-Project Planning
  • Job Inspections
  • Safety Meetings
  • Safety Training

            b.  Observe work activities to detect and correct unsafe actions.
            c.  Ensure that all injuries are reported promptly and cared for properly.  Make
                 available first aid treatment.
           d.   Investigate all accidents promptly.  Complete an accident report and provide it to the
                 Safety Director the same day the accident occurs.  Review all accidents with the
                 Safety Director and employees and correct the causes immediately.
           e.   Assist Human Resources in the review of employment applications, pre-employment
                 physical reports, and personnel files to determine physical qualifications for specified
                 job classifications.
           f.   Seek out alternative work so injured employees can return to work in a modified job.
           g.   Consistently enforce safety rules/regulations, programs, and protective measures
                (i.e. use of personal protective equipment, machine guarding, proper clothing, etc.)
           h.   Post signs, notices, and instructions as needed or required.
           i.    Brief your employees of any new hazards before they start work and weekly host
                 brief safety meetings to discuss safety practices related to job hazards and general
                 safe work behavior.

          j.    Work with management, the Safety Director and employees to maintain & implement
                 new and ongoing safety programs and comply with recommendations provided by
                 outside consultants, OSHA inspectors, and insurance companies.
          k.    Supplying all required personal safety protective devices and clothing, e.g. goggles,
                 face shields, gloves, masks, etc.


5.       Employees

            Each employee is responsible for his/her own safety.  No task should be completed unless
  it can be completed safely.  Employees will:

a.      Comply with all company safety programs, rules, regulations, procedures, and instructions that are applicable to his/her own actions and conduct.
b.     Refrain from any unsafe act that might endanger him/herself or fellow workers.
c.      Use all safety devices and personal protective equipment provided for his/her  
d.     Report all hazards, incidents, and near-miss occurrences to their immediate supervisor or Safety Director, regardless of whether or not injury or property damaged was involved.
e.      Promptly report all injuries and suspected work related illnesses, however slight, to his/her immediate supervisor or Safety Director.
f.      Participate in safety meetings, training sessions, and surveys as requested and provide input into how to improve safety.
g.     Notify the Safety Director immediately of any change in physical or mental conditions or use of prescription drugs that would affect the employees job performance or the safety of him/herself or others.
h.     Notify the Human Resources Manager within five days of any serious driving, drug/alcohol, or criminal convictions.
i.       Be a safe worker on (and off) the job.  Help coworkers do their job safely.  Come to work every day with a safe attitude.


  6.    Subcontractor and Their Employees

            All subcontractors and their employees must:
      a.     Maintain a safe and health hazard free work environment.
      b.     Adhere to all minimum safety requirements on all job sites.
      c.     Sign in every day at those job sites that require such action to take place.
      d.     Stay in only their assigned work areas.
      e.     Use only authorized machines, tools, shop equipment, and vehicles.  These items must
              be authorized by the Safety Director.
      f.     Not bring any explosives, firearms, alcoholic beverages, or drugs onto any job site.
      g.    Wear appropriate clothing at all times.  Short pants and shirtless attire are prohibited. 
             Sturdy leather shoes with steel toes must also be worn at all times.  Safety glasses and
             hard-hats must also be worn at all times while on any job site.
     h.     Failure of any subcontractor complying with these rules is a breach of contract and
             could result in either withheld payments or contract termination.  Specific
             subcontractor employees could also be banned from any job site for failing to abide by
             these rules.

Everyone is accountable for safety.  Management and the Safety Director will establish safety objectives and develop and direct accident prevention activities.  All employees should strive to reach those objectives and will be evaluated accordingly.  All managers’ and supervisors’ annual appraisals will include safety (results to objectives in their area and companywide) as well as an audit of their performance of their safety responsibilities.  All employees’ salary reviews will be affected by the company’s safety performance record.  Appraisals, which include safety records, will also be performed on all employees seeking a promotion.

E. Opinion Survey

The Company requests ongoing comments and feedback from all employees.  In addition, annually the company will request all employees’ opinions and input on the Company’s safety program through an opinion survey.  Be honest. You know your job better than anyone else.  Therefore you can provide valuable input into performing the job safely.  Changes to existing safety programs, rules, procedures, etc. may be influenced by your responses.  Full cooperation of all employees is expected.

F.  Employee Suggestions

Safety suggestions from employees are welcomed and encouraged.  To make a safety suggestion, complete the following form and provide it to the Safety Director.  The suggestion will be reviewed by the Safety Director and responses to suggestions will be discussed with the individual.

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